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Tips For Lighting A Coal Fire

Master the art of lighting your coal fire with these expert tips. From keeping it clean to maintaining the fire at optimal temperature, these tips will help you light your fire and keep it going.

coal fire

Keep It Clean

Remove all the ash and small cinders from your fireplace, it will restrict the air flow and this makes for poor burning. Keep the larger cinders for reuse, no point in letting it go to waste.

Building Your Fire (The Easy Way)

Use a ZIP® Starterlog and do not remove the wrapper. Place the Starterlog in your fireplace, chiminea or fire pit with the horizontal seam at the top. Grasp the wrapper at either end and pull outwards, then carefully pull the middle seam upwards (suitable for use in fireplaces, chimineas and firepits).

Light It

Light the ZIP® Starterlog at both ends and the middle seam. After 20 minutes, it’s time to add the coal (fuel). Place it on top of your fire using an appropriate fire utensil, be careful not to burn your hands (no need to deal with paper or kindling, its mess-free and a hassle-free way of lighting your coals).

Love Your Fire

Once your coals have lit, poke them gently to break up the coals (the tar build up may have stuck them together) and release any unwanted ash. Add the cinders you kept during step one (keep it clean) or more coals around the edge or the centre of the fire when needed. Try and avoid throwing a bucket of coal on a fire.

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