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Your Barbeque Party

Make Your Barbeque Party Go Without A Glitch

Get Your Barbeque Fired Up Before The Guests Arrive

You don’t want your friends to arrive to the smell of barbeque debris burning off your grill. Perhaps, you could start cooking a few small snacks, so that your guests are welcomed with the tempting smell of delicious food.

BBQ food

Preparation Is Key

Make sure all your food is prepped well in advance. Get marinating the night before - skewer your meat. Whatever you can do to free up time on the day, so you can spend more time entertaining and less time washing up!

Get Organised

Set up your workspace in advance, so that you have everything you will need to grill with confidence. Make sure you have all the cooking tools that you need, and enough work surface space to keep your raw and cooked meat separate.

Use Simple, Fresh Ingredients

Use quality cuts of meat and take advantage of the wonderful fresh vegetables available for the season. A simple bit of seasoning and marinating is often all you need, to bring out the delicious natural flavours of your barbeque.

Don’t Abandon Your Barbeque

Always stay with your barbeque, for your food and safety’s sake. You won’t be lonely, there are always guests that congregate around the barbeque. Cooking is theatre.

Temperature Control

If you have a large barbeque, control the proximity of the food, to the coals using a tiered rack system. If your barbeque does not allow you to do this - move your food around, from hot to cooler parts of the grill, as required. You could also place food on foil, to slow down the cooking process.

Rest Is Best

Don’t forget to rest your meat before serving, this makes such a difference. If you were to eat a piece of steak straight off the barbeque, all the juices would run out as soon as you cut into it. The resting process, however, allows for all the meat juices to be absorbed, leaving you with a lovely, juicy piece of meat to savour.

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